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Thursday, October 15, 2009

George Browns Google Sniper System Review

Thank you for visiting our site dedicated to Google Sniper System created by 18 year old marketer from the UK. This site will give you every insight about the product.

Google Sniper System was officially release on 15th October 2009 but we first came across this product on Warriors Forum, when one of my friends on Warrior Forums suggested me to look at the thread which was getting most number of views and sell. So what? On his recommendation I have visited the Warrior Forums and looked at the thread titled “Discover How I Make Over $15,455.91 Every Month On Complete Autopilot” started by a 18 year guy known as George Brown’s.

With so many “make money online” product out there I was skeptical to buy, but I have thought what I am going to loose let’s give it a try. I have been already scammed by other IM Gurus so if another one adds to my tally it’s not going to make any difference in my life? Guess what I purchased the product and gave it a try for two continuous months and finally I was able to see a light at the end of tunnel, which I was searching for so many years (to be concise two years).

George Browns Warrior Forum thread got overwhelming response at that time in which he has sold over 500 copies in two weeks time. By seeing such response he decided to close the thread on July 23rd (that means he has stopped selling this amazing system) to restructure the whole system in a better way.

Many newer marketers bought the pre-launch manual, implemented the methods, and then a large number of them gladly sent in their testimonies of success to George Brown.

The first release of Google Sniper System contained only 93 pages Google Sniper Manual but his new launched system contains 99 page Google Sniper Manual, eight step by step practical videos and Google Sniper Process Map which makes it complete sniper system.

It is a simple system which teaches you, how to get loads of free Traffic from major search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.. The most important part of his system is that it will teach you to rank your site well in search engines without creating plenty of back links for your site, all using free methods.

Remember what I have told above is most important, Using ALL Free Traffic but With NO Back link Building/Traffic Generation Whatsoever.

The e-book will teach you all FREE Techniques that mean no pay-per-click advertisements. It is based on simple concept of building 4 pages website around low competition keyword and gets ranked well in the search engines. It is not socializing on Facebook, Twitter, Likedin or My Space.

Here is what creators of this product have to Say about his Google Sniper System:

He states that his Sniper System is just cranking out small 2-hours-to-make “Sniper” sites that rule the search engines and bring him hands-off autopilot income. His sites bring in anywhere from $500 up to $1500 every month like clockwork. His Sniper Sites are all based on just one Sniper Keyword, that’s it. He calls this strategy “Sniping”, which is setting your scope or focus on that 1 high-value, high-traffic keyword. George states his Sniping System is simple but tremendously effective. By repeating his Sniper Methods over and over again on each of his sites, George has made over 98% of his income online.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

George Brown's Google Sniper System

George Brown, have you heard this man before if not he is the man who manage to earn $15000/Month with an autopilot system, he call it as Google Sniper System.

He is releasing the same complete system on 15th of October 2009 that he personally use to build loads of cash. It's not a system which will make you rich overnight but it will surely help you to make your first dollar online and slowly increase it month by month from $1 to $1000's of Dollar. Only sky is limit.

He first released this System "Google Sniper System" on March 17th 2009 on WSO Forum. Here are some of the testimonials he received from his happy customer including myself and i don't want you to loose this golden opportunity to making loads of CASH using his proven step by step system.

So stay tune for release of Google Sniper System on October 15th 2009. You can grab one golden bonus of your choice (three high demands e-book to chose from) if you buy this through the link below. I am not going to reveal you the three bonuses but it will alone help you to make plenty of cash online. Hints.. the three bonus itself sold online for more than $50 each.

Just email me your cbreceipt at t_samwilliams at ymail dot com and I will mail you your bonus.

Click Here to go to the Google Sniper official website.